Global Mobility Service

With global markets comes global competition and today organisations must be both effective and efficient. We respect our customers’ costs and budgets, and deliver quality at all times. Our customers’ benefit from our experience, best practice procedures, market benchmarking and the opportunity to customise. Cost efficiency is the focus in everything we do and we take a holistic and end-to-end view of our Global Mobility Services.

For many employees and their families this might be the greatest challenge of their lives. We understand this and our goal is to help our customers’ most valuable assets and families to excel in their new environment.

  • Policy design & Process Review

We ensure that your policies meet your organisation’s needs and comply with government regulations. We provide you with updates about your existing policies on an ongoing basis, or help you to set up and design a relocation policy from the very beginning.

  • Assignment Cost Estimates

Facilitates more beneficial and quantified decision-making by analysing all the costs.

Uses a compilation of benchmarking, industry best practices, high-end suppliers and market surveys.

We work closely with HR and the employee to ensure the prospective work permit meets the regulatory criteria of the destination country.

  • Work Permits and Immigration Services

Ensures comprehensive management of immigration matters anywhere in the world. Our network of trusted partners was created after a rigorous screening process which evaluated their expertise, experience, client service and value.

Offers a complete range of immigration services to companies through our global network of Immigration professionals. We take on all the complex tasks: processing entry visas; assisting with documentation for work and residence permits, including apostilles, legalisation and translations; and completing and submitting immigration documents. KEY Relocation professionals, experts in local bureaucratic requirements, accelerate and simplify the process.

  • Transport of Household Goods

KEY Relocation uses its supply chain independence to collaborate with best-in-class household goods suppliers on a global and local level. This allows us to create high quality, cost-saving programmes for our clients through a competitive tendering process for every move.

  • Language and Cross Cultural Training

Our Intercultural solutions extend beyond solely the needs of your relocating employees. In order to implement your company’s global business strategy, it is vital your employees have the intercultural competence and awareness needed for global business success. They need to be as well prepared and trained as athletes for an Olympic Games or World Championship.

We offer language training at all levels. We view the combination of cultural awareness combined with language skills as important for ultimate success. We believe in language programmes that are based on your language level and your professional role, and that are in line with your company´s specific needs and policies. This ensures that learning is as effective as possible and delivers the best possible ROI.

We offer consultations that are face-to-face, in a highly flexible virtual format, as well as online learning options.

KEY Relocation has developed an end-to-end web-based tool, Expat360©, to keep track of the development and needs of expatriates and their spouses/families – a full HR-support on an individual level as well as an aggregated level.

  • Destination Service Management

It is our aim to ensure that your team and your expatriates receive the best services and those that are most consistent with your company’s policy and budgets, whatever the destination. Through our globally selected partners we provide you with quality and a smooth process for all parties involved.

Examples of local destination services provided

  • Pre-visits and orientation tours
  • Bank contacts and opening of bank accounts
  • Registration with local authorities and local insurance companies
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home finding and Lease Negotiations
  • Language Training and Cross-Cultural Training
  • Family and Spouse Support
  • Departure Services
  • Expense Management

KEY Relocation has experience in handling global and local expense management services for our customers. Our cost tracking reporting provides an easy and comprehensive way to plan and follow up. Benefit from our Expense Management for a smooth settling-in process.

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