Expectations are one of the worst enemies of relocation. Being well prepared, having the correct documents and being well informed are key factors in ensuring a smooth arrival at the new destination. We can assist you with:

Immigration services
– KEY Relocation is certified by the Swedish Migration Board.
– Analyse the requirements for obtaining the correct visa, work permit, residence permit, dependent or study visas, and provide advice.
– Obtain the required information, prepare all the relevant application paperwork and collect necessary documentation from origin and destination locations
– Each case processed by our Immigration Team
– Status updates and notice of forthcoming renewal requirement
– Arrange the process of deregistering or cancelling visa

This usually starts with a needs analysis to establish what is required in accordance with company policy and expatriate/family needs. Assessing whether the move is right for them can be crucial in ensuring the long-term success of the relocation. We arrange a guided tour of typical housing in the area, as well as areas of interest including schools, shopping, medical facilities and other activities.


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