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17 november, 2017

Capacity to waive revocation of residence permit when the employer has voluntarily rectified deficiencies
Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Insurance 2017/18: SfU7


The Government has proposed amendments to the Aliens Act which mean that the Swedish Migration Agency does not need to revoke a temporary residence permit for purposes of work if the employer has corrected the deficiency that would otherwise have led to revocation. Parliament agreed to this proposal, which will commence on December 1 2017.


Parliament also wants the Government to return to it with draft legislation that permits do not need to be revoked if the employer unconsciously made minor errors in relation to the conditions in the work and residence permit. This should also be applicable if the error was discovered after the permit has expired or if it is the Migration Agency that noted the error. The Migration Agency should be able to make an individual ruling on each specific case. Parliament has therefore made a recommendation to the Government about this. This amendment should come into force as soon as possible, but no later than 1 July 2018.

Please note that it is too early to say how the Migration Agency will apply the new legislation and what impact this may have for pending applications currently filed with the Migration Agency.

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